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Ready to Junk Your Car? We’ll buy your junk car in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Port Richey and Surrounding Tampa Bay and Florida!


cash for clunkers Tampa Florida

TEXT PHOTO TO: 813-300-6100

If you are ready to junk your car in Tampa or anywhere in Florida and get 6cash on the spot, let’s get started! Getting the best price for your car, truck, boat, RV or vehicle starts today! We would love to speak with you personally or you can simply text us a photo of your car and we’ll get you on your way to being free from the hassle of a junk car PLUS we’ll pay you cash. Remember, we offer free towing when we remove your junk car. Our auto salvage services and junk car removal services offers you the very best price for your car, dead or alive.

Remember, if you want to junk your car without a title in Tampa Bay it’s no problem. Often people hang on to their automobiles because they have no title and think they cannot sell their junk cars without a title. NOT TRUE! Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL can buy your junk car without a title. Just call 813-300-6100 and we’ll let you know if we can buy your junk car without the title.

If you’re in Tampa and want to junk your car, or, if you are anywhere in Tampa Bay or Florida, we will consider any car, truck, boat or RV that you want to junk for cash! Free car removal with our towing service when you decide to “JUNK MY CAR!”

If I Want to Junk My Car in Tampa Bay, How Does it Work?

Simply call Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL or text a photo of your automobile, RV or boat to 813-300-6100. We will contact you for specific information about your car then come to you with our Tampa car removal and towing services, paying you cash for your junk car. We’re professional, friendly and we’re ready to help you by removing your junk car while paying you cash. We offer the very best price for your junk car whether you have a junk car without a title, a junk car that doesn’t run or a junk car that has been wrecked. Don’t forget, we provide junk motor home and boat removal too! So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of that old clunker that is only serving as a lawn ornament, that hooptie that is dead or that clunker that has been replaced by a newer vehicle! Junk your car in Tampa Bay and Florida and get cash today!


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